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Related post: Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 23:45:43 EDT From: Subject: Reality CheckUp Part 20It was only seconds before some of the invited guests returned to my space. From the way they were speaking, one could assume that the majority of them were employees at the `Center'. Two of them went right for my body, tugging on the rings and twisting and thumping my buttplug. The one male was really cute. Well, not `cute', but more along the lines of a GQ model. Still, to me, he didn't seem to be the kind of male that would get his jollies off by such a party.I just concentrated on the marvelous feelings I was getting from the gentle hands and started to close my eyes, so I could `absorb the moment'. More voices and a couple added hands did nothing to deter my sexual feelings. Suddenly preteen boy fuck I heard a loud scream come from my right and I instantly wondered what they were doing to the `boy' that would cause such a scream. I couldn't see, because a male was blocking any view that I may have had. I all know is that it was like one of my primeval screams, preteen bikine which I had made myself in the recent weeks. Pain forced me to open my eyes now. I could look down at my body, but I really didn't need to. I knew from the past what was going on. Mr. GQ was putting clothespins on me. He had started at the bottom of my leg just above the ankle, working his way up towards my waist. By the time he had gotten to the knee, the other man, who came in with him, started on my other leg. Neither of them was any too careful or gentle when they applied the clothespins to my body. Another row of pins went down each side of my legs and the crowning moment was when both of them put one last row on the top of my legs. There I be, hanging horizontal, legs split like a side of beef with a total of 8 rows of clothespins on my legs.>From the conversations, I discovered that the `boy' to my right was getting force fucked by some extremely large dildos, while he still remained inverted. My guess would be that the `boys' master didn't care how fast, hard or size of the dildo. Perhaps his master just desired, needed to hear his `boy' scream. It was well known that each of us `boys' has been trained in different ways, learning different things, and each still needing to be taught a whole lot more. For me, I felt mostly humiliated (for now). I mean after all, with what I had to learn in two weeks, left little time for Master to find ways to humiliate and humble me, other than what He needed to expose me to.Apparently the two males had had enough fun with just doing my legs, and told Master `thank you' and moved on. Master left the legs covered with the clothespins. Dr. Parker came into view, and looked at my body then looking at his two boys said, " your mother and I will be outside taking a short break and trying out some of the great smelling food. Don't get in anybody's way and DON'T do anything, JUST observe." "Ok dad," said Peter. "Yes Sir," came from Billy. Dr. Parker said no more, and left. The other male in my space began talking to Master, asking question after question. Master fired the answers off, one right after the other; not skipping a beat or breath. Most of the questions were just the kind you would expect. Questions from someone who had heard about Master/Slave relations but never had seen them. Questions about Master and Cody. Questions about Master and myself. Questions about Cody and myself. I heard Trey tell Master that he would be right back, but he needed to get something. The man continued to ask questions, while another male was beginning to tickle the bottoms naked preteen lotila of my feet. Oh, I forgot to mention. I am extremely ticklish. I began to thrash about, the best I could; considering the position of the body. It did no good at all. I was stuck there. I guess Master noticed my head jerking quite a bit and that must of concerned him. He reached up and got the control box. He pushed a button and that tightened my neck chains some more. Then I heard Him get another chain and attach it to the ring on the very back of my collar. He fixed that section of chain to a ring in the floor. Now I couldn't move my head up or down, right or left; not even an inch. The sudden preteen ls fucking movement of my body caused the scrotum to bounce about wildly. Being still semi-full of saline, it hurt like preteen fetish galleries hell, sending more pain into my gut.Trey returned, but I couldn't see everything that was going on. I saw two slaves with him, apparently carrying something (s). In a moment Trey spoke up. " There you go boys, just sit your asses down here on these barrels and you can still see everything and you won't be in anybody's way." The slaves had brought in two of those blue plastic barrels for them to sit on. Each of the boys had a good view of everything, one boy being on each side of me, but out of the way. My mind went to thinking about Cody. Where in my space was he? Was he doing ok?The man continued to tickle my feet and I started to become oblivious to the feelings. Another man began to add more clothespins to my body. He thought I would look nice with a "Y" displayed from my nipples down to the base of my dick. Trey decided that by now I must be having a severe case of dry mouth.Trey got a preteens models sex step stool and put it by my head. Standing on the stool, he unzipped his jeans, producing his cock for all to see. Next he leaned forward a bit, just enough to get his cock head close to my open mouth hole. He let lose with a torrent of strong piss, getting most of it in my mouth and the remainder he got on my face and throat. "Fucking awesome `dude'. How neat is that Billy?" Peter bellowed. sweet wet preteen Not a word was exchanged.All the noise in the `stable' had settled down now to just a low moan here and a groan there. Quiet enough for me to hear the rumbling of carts being wheeled down the center section. A cart had been placed at each `boys' area. The carts were kept covered and nobody seemed to ask about them.Dr and Mrs. Parker were enjoying themselves outside. They were seated at a picnic table eating a wonderfully prepared meal. They were joined at their table by a couple of the other guests and one of the masters. Asking the master questions, right and left and getting them answered equally as fast. Ah! To be a fly on the table and hearing the Q&A.Somebody started ringing an old fashion dinner bell. "Sounds like music to my ears," said Master. "How about we go out and eat and listen to a couple of short talks from some of sexy preteen magazine us `corporate types'. Trey spoke up and suggested that Master leave Cody behind to keep watch on me. Master agreed. Silence came over the stable within a couple of minutes, yet one could hear the faint chatter from the guests preteen porn movie and masters outside. Cody took one of the barrels and sat on it, right next to my head, so that I could have good eye contact with him. He must of known what I was thinking, because he started to describe and to tell me what had gone on with the other `boys'. He told me everything that he had been able bbs preteens kissing to see. "You could have handled all of that and not have screamed one bit," he said. He moved over to the other side of my head, which I had forgotten about and standing on that stool from Trey, pushed down his shorts and pissed in my mouth without even saying a word. Getting off of the stool, preteens panties models he returned to his barrel seat. " Damn I needed that", he said with a grin. preteen ass picture He started flicking the preteen girls wet clothespins on my chest and he fucking well knew that I would feel every movement of them. Again with his `shit eating grin' . Cody told me about the carts that had been wheeled in, what each contained and when they would be used. I wasn't going to enjoy this part of `weekend training', that's for sure. "Ops, it's past rinse time", he remarked. He left and returned with two more syringes. This time, however, the rinse was ICE COLD. Cody had put these two syringes in the freezer section, just to be able to give me a " thrill". When he was done his little bit of torment, he clamped off my plumbing and disconnected my piss bag. "Now then, seeing how your bag is full, how about you getting some more to drink" he said. Taking the bag and showing me that indeed it was filled to capacity, he hooked in above my mouth; on a piece of small chain that had been hanging there. That little outflow piece of tube was put into my mouth, barely getting past my lips. He opened the clamp and allowed the piss to slowly drip into me. I nonnude preteens panties was thankful, that by now, I had learned to swallow with my tongue being held down. He sat back down, silent, staring and motionless.Outside the group of humans was seemingly having a good time. By now, Master and Trey had Doctor and Mrs. Parker and their two sons all to themselves at their table. One of the masters had just finished speaking to the whole group and before he returned to his table he ordered all the slaves that were outside, to come forward. He told the group that for the remainder of the evening these slaves shall get and remain naked. Instantly the slaves stripped off their tank tops, shorts and sandals. The Parkers commented on the appearance of the slaves, with Mrs. Parker saying that she felt a slave should be totally hairless. Dr. Parker preteen pictures boards said nothing. Peter agreed with his mother and Billy sat quietly, head and eyes focused on his dinner plate. Master continued speaking with Dr Parker about the `Center' and what an asset Dr. Parker would be to the `Center' and the gay community. The slaves went about collecting the empty plates from the tables, with the occasional swat on the butt or cock grab from the guests.NOTE: This next section is the summation of the conversation between the Parkers and Master. It was told to me by nn preteen vids Trey later the following week, BUT I thought it was very interesting and have decided to place it in my story. Maybe some of the readers will be able to relate to it. I found the conversation to be in line with this, the real world, and not something that one would only wish for.Dr. Parker specializes in the care and treatment of the elderly. Mrs. Parker is a licensed teacher. And, Mrs. Parker wears the pants in the family. Yikes, now that makes me ill. Peter and Billy were a lot older than I had thought. Peter was almost twenty years old and Billy had recently turned eighteen. Both boys had been `home schooled' from the age of six. I suppose living way up there in the Dakotas leaves preteen muscle aches more time for schooling at home versus spending a lot of time on a school bus, riding for two hours each way.Mrs. Parker was raised on a ranch and loved that life while growing up and then, too, when married with two small children. Dr.Parker loves his work as well, but with the decline in the senior citizens up there, clients were becoming fewer and fewer and therefore personal income just wasn't coming in as fast as Mrs. Parker wanted (needed) it to. It was Mrs. Parker who discovered the advertisement for another doctor in our area. It was Mrs. Parker who decided on dragging the whole preteens underage teenys family down here to check out the city, the "Center" and now our `group'.And now! The "Times and Life of the Parkers". When the two of them got married, it was Mrs.Parker who decided to have a small ranch. It was Mrs. Parker who decided lesbianas preteen on home schooling the boys. Mrs.Parker decided on what clothes Dr Parker would wear at work and at home. It was Mrs.Parker who decided that ` her' two boys would remain naked at all times, except when the weather turned cold. It was Mrs.Parker who decided that Peter would tend to all the chores in their small stable, the lawn, etc. and it was Mrs.Parker who decided that Billy would learn to clean, cook, sew, etc.So, too, it was Mrs.Parker who caught Peter and Billy. Apparently Peter was in the shower, and hadn't pulled the shower curtain completely closed. Billy saw the water on the floor, which he had just finished cleaning and said something to Peter about it. Peter grabbed Billy and yanked him into the shower with him. He made Billy wash his body and when little preteen nymphos Billy was crying and washing Peter's japan preteen sexy `private area' is when Mrs.Parker walked in on the scene. From this inno cent event, Mrs.Parker ASSUMED that both her sons were different from other male youths.She told her husband about it when he got home. She made Dr.Parker take both boys outside and discipline the both of them with his belt. From that day forward the boys never had a door on their room or their bathroom. Mrs.Parker needed to always have visual access to her boys.I can't imagine growing up in front of my parents, naked and not having any privacy, especially going through puberty.It was Mrs.Parker who preteen foot molded both boys into what they are today. Every chance she had, she reminded poor Billy that he was a lesser male than his brother. That Billy should be proud of Peter for all the work he does outside. The only time Billy was allowed out of the house was to exercise or to ride his horse.What Trey told me next, knocked me for a loop!!!!! Mrs.Parker, right there, in front of Dr.Parker and the two boys, told Peter to tell Master and Trey preteen forum cgiworld what he had been making Billy do for him or to him. Dr. Parker had lowered his head and folded his arms. Poor Billy just put his head down on the table as Peter began his dissertation. Peter began by saying that twice a day, Billy would help him ukraine preteens sex in the shower. If by chance, Peter had to `pee' while showering he made Billy kneel while his hot piss landed on his head. If Peter had to piss while out of the shower he made Billy hold his `willy' while he pissed. And, after sitting on the toilet doing a do-do, he made Billy wipe his butt clean. On the nights it was cold, Peter made Billy sleep with him, to help keep him warm. When Peter was old enough, he made Billy `wank willy' for him.Master then asked preteen legal pic Peter a question. He asked him where he got all these nice ideas. Peter replied, that his mom had told him what to make Billy do. Master then asked if Peter enjoyed it and Peter replied that he thought it was great. Peter added, that at times, he wished he could have done more with/to Billy. Master didn't say another word, just starred at Mrs.Parker.Master turned to Billy and asked him to raise his head. Billy had been silently crying. Master asked Billy what he thought of everything that had been said. Billy said that his mom taught him to be submissive to his older brother. His brother should be treated like a king. Peter worked so hard for her and his dad. Billy was happy to be able to please his older brother, but sometimes felt embarrassed when his mom was present, watching the two of them. More embarrassed when both his parents were watching. Master said that he should never feel embarrassed. Master told Billy that to pleasure Peter was bringing happiness and harmony into the whole family. Master asked Billy if he wanted to do more to pleasure his brother and Billy replied, "If mom and dad want me to I will".Master then looked at Dr. Parker and asked him if there were other things Billy could do to bring the family closer together. Dr. Parker stated that everything both boys do always brings pride and happiness into the family. He would always want, like to see, his family stay happy. So, that is one of the reasons Mrs.Parker brought the family down.It was when Master turned to speak with Mrs. Parker, that Master got a little uneasy within Himself. Mrs.Parker just began speaking, as if she was in total control of everyone at the table. She told Master that if they relocated to Florida, she expected more out of her husband, Peter and Billy. She would expect her husband foro fotos preteens to be more of a man, to earn more, yet to become more submissive to her. YIKES! She blurted out that Peter had to become more of a man, more assertive towards preteen girlsex 75 his brother and not have to be told what to do, to make Billy more submissive. As for Billy, she wanted only the best for him. She wanted him to learn his purpose in life, which to her, was being a slave to Peter and his mom and dad. She wanted her life to be made a lot easier by having both her boys around preteen legal images her constantly. She made no bones about saying that when SHE wanted sex with her husband, is the only time Dr.Parker got any relief. She further stated that she wanted her family so close, that when her husband was home, he too would remain naked.I could only feel a little sorry for the males in that family. In reality such a life is possible. In reality such lives do exist. They exist when all parties agree to the wants, needs and desires of each other. Keyword "agree".Mrs. Parker then made a formal request of Master. She asked Master," should I index preteen photos decide that the move and income would benefit my family, would you consider taking care of the two boys while my husband and I return home to wrap things up and make the move. Of course, I shall pay you for their room and board. I wouldn't expect them to stay with you free of charge. Besides, they both might just learn a thing or two. My husband will be busy european preteen sites with you for the next couple of days, while I look at houses; so perhaps the boys could stay with you starting tonight, and that would save us the added expense of the additional hotel room."Master made a few comments and recommendations to Mrs.Parker then agreed to the arrangement, with some concern as to what to do with the boys while he was at work or away from the house. Mrs. Parker assured Master that she would stop by the house during the day to check up on her boys, and stop by frequently at that.Master sealed the agreement by shaking the hand of banned preteen videos Dr.Parker, while he only smiled at the Mrs. After the arrangements had been made, Mrs. Parker spoke," well Billy, you might as well get naked right this minute." Billy raised his head from the table, stood erect and removed all his clothes. Not once did he look down at anyone's face. He starred straight ahead, out of embarrassment and shame.So went the conversation at the table. The more I think about it, the more I felt happy. For whatever time the two boys had stayed with us, the whole house felt like a home.I heard the voices get closer and closer. Soon Master and Trey were back, trailed by Peter and Billy. Peter sat on the barrel to my right and Billy sat to my left. It was when Billy sat down that I could just make out that he was naked. I couldn't see all of him but enough preteen galleries tgp to know he didn't have clothes on. All the others had returned as well. Cody told Master that he had cleaned my bladder twice and that I had swallowed all of my own nectar as well as his. Master was pleased. Master was also pleased to see the clothespins still on my body.Master turned to Cody and told him to hurry out with the other bed/house slaves and get something to eat, before the food got cold. Cody was preteen c p out the stable doors before the sound of Masters voice had disappeared.Dr. and Mrs.Parker stopped in briefly and it was Mrs. Parker who commented on my body again and how nice I looked. She said that they were leaving now and reminded the boys to remember all their manners and to obey Trey and Master. Before turning to go, Dr. Parker gave each boy a hug and kiss and Mrs.Parker only said," perhaps when we see you both tomorrow you will each have a proper hair cut". They left, and I felt better not being this way in front of a female body.Moans and image preteen model groans started up immediately across from me, and Peter made a comment about it. " candy preteen pictures Damn, look at that `boy'. I've never seen that before, but mom has told me about it." Master and Trey both looked russian nude preteen in the direction of the sound. The `boy' was getting his mouth and underaged preteen models his butt filled at the same time. Billy remained silent, staring off into space. "Do you think I will be doing that sort of thing?" Peter asked. No one answered that question. Several males came over and chatted with Master while Trey was pressing on my stomach, trying to cause discomfort in my bladder. Trey spoke in general to no one, " I wonder if `boys' bladder is needing relief? Perhaps we should re-attach his plumbing." He took a firm hold of my dick and asked preteen nudism gallery Peter what he thought about how it looked with all the decorations, being split and my own plumbing. Peter, before answering, got off his seat and joined Trey. "Is it alright if I hold it, I've never touched another mans penis before." Trey responded that it was a normal thing for a master to touch his slave, so he released my dick as Peter's hand was taking over. Regardless of what Master was doing, or whom he was talking with, He never took his eyes off of me. I think Master was enjoying hearing Trey talk to Peter, like Trey was sort of a teacher now. Perhaps Master was listening to Trey to see if Trey was feeling comfortable with Peter around. Peter was asking lots of questions about my rings, bar and plumbing, and Trey had all the correct answers for him.Each of the guests that had been speaking to Master and watching Trey and Peter, slowly turned in my direction. One by one, they elevated themselves on the stool and pissed torrents of hot nectar into my mouth and on my body. Peter turned bbs forbidden preteen and looked with an evil grin towards Billy. Billy sensed what the look meant. After the males had pissed they all began to play with my body rings. They were twisting and pulling under the watchful eye preteen link pics of Master. I figured out that they, too, were just employees here for the party but not into the life of master/salve. They just wanted to feel the `power' of domination just once in their lives. They preteen swim galleries bid their farewells to Master, thanked Him for the party and left, Hand in Hand. Slowly, the number of guest had shrunk to about 10. Whew!! Breathing room.A rather large man came up to Master and chatted briefly. Peter was alt preteens still asking Trey question after question; one hand on my dick and his other hand twisting the base of my buttplug. Billy had been squirming on his seat. He turned to Master and asked him where the bathroom was. Master asked him if he had to poop or pee. Billy said he only had to piss. Master instructed him how and where to piss, but Billy preteen porn sex said he could `hold it' a bit longer. Peter hearing this, without releasing me, told Billy to do as Master had instructed. Billy looked at me, seeming like he was melting inside his soul. He xxx preteens stood, rose up on the stool next to my face. He took hold of his dick, and just stood there in silence. I don't think he was comfortable with all eyes watching him. Just then a thunderous scream came from off to my right, and I suppose the sound scared Billy just enough that he started his nectar flowing. All eyes around me, looked into the direction of the scream. The `boy' to my right was getting his first, and I might add, forceful fist fucking. Billy looked down at me, realizing what he was now doing. He moved his stream of piss from my body to my mouth and let the remainder of it go down my throat. Peter also turned in time to see Billy finish empting his bladder and said to Billy, " Good boy Billy, way to go. I hope someday you will be drinking my piss instead of me having to waste it down the toilet. Do you see how well the master's `boy ' knows his duty." By now the eyes were back to Billy and me. Billy climbed off stool and took his position on the preteen art video barrel seat, saying nothing. Peter reminded Billy of his manners. " Thank you Sir for allowing me to pee, and to pee in your `boy' Billy said with face hanging down. "That a way Billy, see there, you can be such a good boy if only you tell yourself you were born to be a slave." Peter piped up."Peter, I want you to meet Mr.Inus." preteen nudist girl Master said, once again with authority. "Mr.Inus is the barber who comes to the `Center' weekly to give residents hair cuts. In accordance with your parents wishes, he is going to cut your hair and your brothers as well." Peters' mouth dropped to his chest. Billy remained motionless, still looking into my eyes. "Yes Sir", said Peter.About this time one more male came into my space. He greeted Master with a pleasant tone to his voice. Trey remained where he was, Peter moved towards Mr.Inus; Billy remained `withdrawn' on his seat. Cody was still away eating (I guess). The man who had just arrived went between my split legs and was soon on his knees. Like, Damn! Whoa Baby, what's going on here. Carefully, the man removed my buttplug and as soon as it was out, he stuck his face right there, tonguing my hole like he was a starved human being. " O preteen sex bbs my God, Holy Shit, Fucking Fantastic!" shouted Peter. Trey giggled at the outburst from Peter as he saw what the man was doing with me. Me, on the other hand, was starting once again to go to that special place in my mind where all good slaves go; so we can enjoy such a feeling of being pleasured in such a way.Before Peter had russian for preteen gotten to far from his barrel stool, Master had him bring it with him. Mr.Inus had Peter sit, with back straight and head held firmly looking preteen pedo gallary straight ahead. Master told Mr.Inus that Peter was learning his place within his family structure being that of a young master to his brother tits preteens movie Billy. Peter must have had some tears in his eyes, not wanting his beautiful hair cut. Master picked up on this right away, and not wanting to cause preteen twiins naked too much tension told Trey to pull the wall back into place off to my right. Trey went and easily slid the wall back, preteen nonude forum closing off any view they had of the other `boy' and likewise any view they may have had of what was going on over here. We were still visible to those across from us though, but from the sounds of it, those guys were wrapped up in their own little world already. Mr.Inus produced his clippers out of a canvas bag. I suppose they were of the cordless variety, as I couldn't see any cord. So there was Peter sitting right next to his brother, fixing to get his hair cut. On with the clippers and in no time, Peter has a `high and tight' military haircut. Mr.Inus looked for approval from Master and Master said it looked great. Mr.Inus then had Peter place both of his hands behind his head, which he did. A sharp pair of scissors was produced and Peters' shirt fell from his body. Peters' eyes went wide with shock. An attachment was placed on the clippers and Peters' armpit hair was trimmed down to barely over half an inch. Not bad looking for a young master, if I say so myself.The mouth that was eating out my hole retracted. The man stood up and took my catheter in his hand. He leaned forward, removing the clamp and placing his mouth over the plumbing. My piss went flowing and I began to feel relief in a hurry.I looked back to see Mr.Inus with a can of shaving cream and a straight razor. He proceeded to cover the hair on Peters' chest with real preteen sex the preteen model rapidshare foamy stuff and began to swiftly remove any chest hairs that Peter may have had. He wiped the razor clean, by pulling it backwards across my own stomach. He continued to shave Peter until he was free of any chest hairs and smooth like a billiard ball. Master eve preteen model preteen girl free spoke with His approval and told Mr.Inus to continue.The male swallowing my piss was done and had re-clamped my plumbing. It was now that Cody came back to us, and upon seeing all the happenings his face lit up like a police car in high pursuit. Cody went and gave Master a big huge hug and kiss then thanked Master for allowing the meal and the chance to chat with some of the other slaves at meal. Master looked long at Cody. Cody tried to figure out what Master was trying to communicate to him. Cody looked around the space, and then looked across the aisle and everywhere his eyes could see. DingDong! HELLO!Master was getting upset by the second and an amount of tension and fear began to fill the space. "Cody, did you not notice the dress code of the other slaves when you and the others went out to meal?" Now we all knew when Master is preteen fucked girl preteen candid movies upset what His voice sounds like, and this was one of those moments. Jesus Cody! LIGHTS ON, BUT NOBODY HOME OR WHAT?What ever it was that brought Cody back to preteen porngallery reality was a welcome relief. Cody immediately removed all of his clothing and sandals, folding them properly and setting them by my kit bag. Whew!!!!!! I didn't need, want nor desire Cody to get his face whacked or even worse. Not here, not today, not ever.The `voice of doom' sounded in my space. The ringmaster had joined us, briefly, to see if or when Master would be ready for him. Master told him to return later to check and see how things here were progressing. Thank you lord above!I could see Billy gazing at Cody's body, assuming the worst. I must say that I still like that patch of neatly trimmed hair just above Cody's penis and his head hair.Mr.Inus then asked Peter to stand up on top of the barrel. Peter looked a might bewildered at the hot candid preteen request but did as he was asked. Mr.Inus proceeded to slip Peters pants down to his ankles. Then he none to politely yanked his undies down. Looking up, I could see one hell of a huge penis and nice scrotum. Where did he get that penis? Jez! Then the clippers started back up and began trimming his pubic hairs and the more the hairs became shorter the longer the penis got. Mr.Inus was working fast, I think due to the level of Peters' dick to his own face. Peter must be mentally willing his penis to remain calm. The pubic hair was trimmed and then Mr.Inus shaved a little from the sides to give it some shape. He told Peter not to move or flinch because he was going to shave off the hair from his `cock' and `balls'. With all the practice he had amassed, Mr.Inus made light work of the task. preteens child fucking Mr.Inus turned back towards Master and as before, Master gave a nod of approval. Peter looked over at Trey. Trey gave him a smile and thumbs up. What surprised Peter was Trey quickly dropping his shorts to show him that he too had the same hairstyle around his `privates', and then pulled them back up. wayward preteen models Mr.Inus turned back to Peter and complimented himself on doing a good job, then without a word, swallowed Peters' penis. Trey, Cody and Master broke out into a loud laughter. Not laughing at Mr.Inus, nor the fact of Peter getting a mouth around his dick; but the look on Peter's face was `priceless'. Peter couldn't say a word. His face turned fire engine red with what one could only assume was embarrassment. Not once did Billy look to see neither what the haircut looked like nor what was preteen modeles nude now happening with his older brother.Master suggested to Peter that since his haircut was finished that he get down off the barrel. Peter pulled his hips back, taking his dick out of Mr.Inus' s mouth. When Peter had planted his pants covered feet on the ground Master spoke to him. " You look quite nice now Peter. I think it best, for the rest of the night that you remain naked so that you can get used to your normal and most proper look. Besides, I feel that your brother will need to see you this abused preteen xxx way as well. I'm sure that he will have to help keep you looking this way, if he is properly instructed to do so." Peter responded with an preteen xxx virgins affirmative answer preteen nude kid and kicked off his pants. "Don't forget to remove your sneakers Peter," Master reminded him. Peter just sat right down on his butt and took off his sneakers and pants, and picking up his cut shirt put all of them next to Cody's clothes.Cody excused himself momentarily but returned with yet another round of bladder rinsing syringes. Master was pleased that Cody had not been forgetful of his responsibilities. I wondered if they too had been placed in the freezer compartment. Master had Cody hold off for now on the bladder rinse, but told him the rinse would be coming soon. Cody just kept the syringes in his hands. Goody, now if they were ice cold, by the time he used them, the liquid would be a lot warmer. "Alright Billy, it's your turn for a haircut." Master spoke with a bit of humor in His voice. "Sit right there and relax. Mr.Inus is a real pro at giving `slave cuts and trims'. Cody stood looking, Peter went back to holding my dick and Trey was just standing there beaming with delight. I felt something on my stomach and preteen incest cunt it was warm and trembling. It was the hand of Billy. He cunt junior preteen was trying to make contact with yunger preteen pics anything that would assure him that all was all right.I began to wonder if Billy was thinking about a haircut like Cody, when my thought process hentai preteens was interrupted by the sound of the clippers. I looked into the eyes of a frightened little boy. Eighteen and never been kissed. Eighteen and never knowing about the outside world; except for what his preteen start moel parents had taught him. Billy wept openly. Peter started to laugh at him, when Master sternly told Peter to put a lid on it. Peter dropped his head down, preteen bikini magazin released my dick and stood there like a puppy that just got scolded for piddling on the floor. Master told Mr.Inus to turn off the clippers. "Listen to me Billy," Master spoke warmly and caringly " You need a haircut, and your parents want you to have it. It is nothing to be ashamed about. You should feel a sense of pride about you, once it is preteenz model top finished. You see how the others look, and look at your brother. How nice he looks as a dominant sort of male. And furthermore, while you are here, with us, you will always be almost, without fail, right next to my `boy' and Cody. You won't be left alone, not for one minute. I promise."With that said, Master looked towards Mr.Inus. Mr.Inus asked if Billy was to receive a horny preteen children bed or a pleasure cut. Master then turned his head towards Peter who was still holding his head down. "Pleasure!" sounded Master. The clippers came back on and Billy was soon void of all the hair on his head and his eyebrows were gone as well. Billy was digging his fingers into my stomach out of fear and shame. I was helpless to come to his aid and I felt so bad. He had little chest hair so that was easy enough. By the time Mr.Inus began running the clippers down Billy's arm, there was a nice size group of men and slaves standing in the aisle watching the proceedings. When the other arm was finished, Billy had to raise his arms so the clippers could continue turning Billy into a pleasure boy. With the upper body finished the clippers were turned off. Master looked towards the crowd of males and asked "any volunteers?" Hands went flying into the air. Master selected two of the guests and asked Mr.Inus to give each of them a safety razor and the cream. Master told Billy that perhaps it would be better if he were kneeling on the top of the barrel. While Billy was properly obeying my Master, Master sternly told Peter to look up, to watch with pleasure, the pride Billy had preteen virgin stories preteen in bikni in obeying. Peter looked at Billy and his face turned an ashen color. Peter hadn't even thought of his brother, the one who, all these years was being `groomed' to become a slave, a `boy ' for him and his family.A pail of warm water was brought over to the two `volunteers' and they got busy wetting Billy's chest, arms, and head. Billy lowered his head to a horizontal position allowing the males better access to his scalp. Shaving cream and a razor made short work of any stubble on his head. When Billy raised his head, the tears were quite obvious but not a sound did he make. I was proud of him! Next the two eyebrows were smoothed like a plate of glass. The arms, pits and chest were done in no time as well. I thought Billy was being a real trooper about the procedure. and I respected him a lot for that.By now, I knew that Billy expected to end up looking as I did. Hairless, totally fucking hairless. Mr.Inus collected the used razors and dark preteens tossed them into his bag. The clippers came back on while Billy was still kneeling and like before, his hair was gone from his pubes. The clippers moved behind him and made light work of the fuzz he had on his butt cheeks. Two more volunteers were called upon to pull the cheeks apart and the clippers found the few strands of hair surrounding the loveholeMaster stared directly into Peter's eyes. "Now, Peter, come forward and smooth out the skin of your brothers gift, to you and your family." Peter moved ever so slowly towards his brother, taking the shaving cream and nymphet preteen nudes razor that were held out for him. Peter wiped the area with warm water and began to cover the whole area with the cream. He kept clear of Billy's dick and scrotum until Master told him that he must have forgotten the two most treasured parts. Peter looked ashamed, but obeyed. Like hell-o, he just had his paws all over my penis, and I am not even his brother!!!!!! Peter started shaving off nymphets preteen sex the stubble and was doing a good job of it, when he looked up and saw his brother staring at him. Their eyes met and it looked to me as if Peter preteen xmodels wanted to apologize to Billy. Was Billy accepting this like a real submissive male and Peter was hoping that all the fun he had with his brother in the preteens bbs board years past was just that, FUN. Peter was then told to likewise smooth out the butt and pucker hole. The volunteers pulled the cheeks wide to accommodate the razor and hand of Peter, and that part of shaving was finished. Peter handed the used razor over to Mr.Inus and started to step away."Peter, STOP RIGHT THERE." Shouted my Master. "You as the aggressive one, the bully, the dominating one should have the proper respect for a slave or even a `pleasure boy'. You have just taken away all visible signs of your own brother's manhood, short of removing his penis and scrotum. You should know that the least you should do would be to show your appreciation, your love and mostly your thanks to him for giving himself to you and to your family. From what you have told me, Billy has given you 110 percent of his life. For what you have made him do to you and for you in the past; for what he will be doing for you in the days, weeks and years ahead! YOU have the responsibility of saying thank you, a `thank you' coming from YOU will re-enforce his love for you that much more. You must respect him just as much as you respect yourself."Peter looked around, apparently not knowing what to say or what to do. He must have made eye contact with Trey, who somehow indicated what Peter should be doing. Peter put a hand on each side of the barrel, touching his brother's legs. Peter bent over and kissed the head of Billy's dick. Expressionless, Billy didn't move a muscle. Peter kissed Billy's dick from head to base, and even kissed the little scrotum several times. To my surprise, Peter opened his mouth and swallowed Billy's dick. Still Billy remained perfectly still. Peter sucked and slurped until Billy's dick was stone hard, then he removed his mouth. The crowd of cute teen preteen onlookers broke out into a loud cheer and applauded. Master and Trey spoke words of praise. Tears flowed from Peter's eyes, as they did from Billy. Peter looked up at his brother again, this time with a much different feeling. "Billy, I love you so much, I erotic preteen gallery always have, I always will. I just never told you how much, but now..." Billy's finger went to Peter's lips. A deathly silence filled the whole building as Billy leaned down, way down and took Peter's head in his hands and gave his own brother, his master, their very first passionate, loving, tender kiss. I bet there wasn't a dry eye to be found.Master then asked for another pair of hands to volunteer to finish smoothing Billy. Hands went up, but suddenly Peter spoke. "Master, Sir, I wish to finish smoothing, removing my brothers, my slaves maleness." With the group still silent, Master approved Peter's wish. The group gathered around both Peter and Billy and patted Billy on his new head and hugged and kissed Peter. Soon enough, the group returned to what ever it was they were doing before this ` initiation' ceremony began. Peter was handed the clippers and he glided them smoothly over the legs of his brother, and then shaved them smooth; even not forgetting the little hairs on Billy's toes. With that completed, Mr.Inus took hold of his canvas bag and left our space.Peter needed to piss badly, and he jumped right up on the stool getting ready to flood my mouth hole, when Billy made a motion to Master. Master put his hand on Peter's shoulder and told him to hold off a minute. Peter turned to see his brother scoot off of the barrel. Billy went directly to his knees. Peter looked at Master with a blank stare. In turn Master preteen panties xxx nodded to Peter that Billy wanted to be the one to swallow his brothers golden nectar. Peter looked down at Billy and preteen cheeleaders naked could tell that what Master said was indeed true. Billy opened his mouth and Peter, for the first time ever, placed his penis inside. A flood of warmth and love overtook Peter, and then he began to piss. Billy's gagging startled Peter, but Master had his hand on the shoulder of Peter, keeping him in place and allowing the piss to keep flowing into Billy's mouth. A good amount of piss flowed out of his mouth and onto the straw below, but I remembered my first time all over again and didn't think bad of Billy at all. When Peter was done, Billy remained on his knees until Peter told him to rise and get back up onto the barrel and take his seat again. Master was well pleased with what he had just seen.Peter went over to Trey, and they smiled at each other as they shook hands. Trey gave him a congratulatory `well done'.Back in came the ringmaster. He looked around and could easily ascertain what had been going on in our space. He reviewed with Master once again, what was to be done today. He placed his bag free preteen shaved behind my head and then put a small package of `stuff' on my stomach. While he was preparing his wares, he was explaining to those present what he was going to do and why. With grommets inside the holes, it was near impossible for my ring holes to ever close up. He was about to mess with my nose ring, when I felt a hand touching my right hand, and preteen japan videos then a different smoother hand grasp my left hand. I could see that some of the males had returned to watch the proceedings. The ringmaster had an odd looking set of pliers in his hand, which he used to remove my nose ring. It didn't come out all that easy either but the hands and fingers of others, easing any discomfort, were massaging both my hands. He stuck one of those taper pins through the hole and I wanted to scream. The taper pin was followed by the grommet thing. Once the metal had passed through my septum, he took an instrument and flared both ends of it at the same time. I was destined forever to have a hole in my nose. He put preteen gils posing my snout ring back in and spun it around, telling everyone that now preteen hardcore vids the ring had photos preteens anal more freedom of movement, and in fact the ring could eventually be replaced with a much thicker one. The ringmaster also informed the males that such a grommet would allow a person to be seen in public without them even knowing a body had such a piercing. I feared the worst when the ringmaster started in on my earrings. My fears were not in vain. Each taper pin he pushed through was followed by another one, larger than the first. After three tapers were used, he looked at Master and said that he didn't think anymore stretching should be done for at least a month or six weeks, as the ears are now extremely tender. Master seemed ok with that, so in went the grommets and then my earrings were put back in place. The holes he made in my ears must be huge. The earrings went round and round, until the bead got to the grommet. I wondered if the ear hole would eventually be bigger than the bead. Only time would tell, I reckon. The ringmaster copied his procedure on my nipples and then it was over for now. God I hated him now. He should change his name to `painmaster'. The two males that were holding my hands appeared on each side of my face and they wiped away my tears. The two were Cody and Billy. They each gave me a kiss on my cheeks. Peter was standing there sort of speechless, well not really speechless. It was more like he was getting ready to legal preteens bikini pass out or something, but behind him was my Trey with one hand on his shoulder and the other hand on the back of his neck. I began to think we were becoming one big family, of sorts.The ringmaster confirmed the other things to be completed later and turned to leave. It was Master who spoke first, reminding those present, that the ringmaster would be here for the rest of the party, and for a short time tomorrow. If anybody had some piercing needs, now is the best time to have it done. Some of the employees of the "Center" followed the ringmaster. In short time we all heard the moans and `ouches' coming from the area of the ringmaster. Some guest got ears pierced, one got a prince albert and all of them got their nipples done. How swell is that! I suppose the ringmaster shouldn't complain about waiting, He made a bundle of bucks on this one night. I wondered what rings Billy would end up preteen boys suck with.One by one the males that got pierced tonight, came into our space and pissed down my throat. Some stayed around as others left for home or went to the other `boys'. I should have expected what all happened next, but hell, I was still caught up with my own agony from the ringmaster and not least of all, the bonding between Billy and Peter. Cody handed my bladder syringes to Trey. Trey kept one and gave the other to Peter. Peter looked over to Billy and motioned for him to get off the barrel and come down to where they were. Very quietly, he told Billy to put his mouth over the end of my catheter and release the clamp slowly, so that he could regulate my piss flow, so as not to spill any. Billy followed his words exactly, to the letter. I didn't know if I should be feeling anything for naked pthc preteen Billy, so I put it out of my mind for the time being. When Trey noticed that Billy had ceased swallowing he shoved the first syringe into my plumbing followed by the one Peter pushed in. preteen cunt pictures All the time under the ever-watching eye of my Master. Seconds later the rinsing fluid came out and Billy swallowed all of that as well. Billy kept his mouth on my plumbing until his brother stroked him on his head. Billy returned to his place, sitting ever so erect.Since that one guest had sucked at my hole the plug had not been put back in, so Trey suggested to Peter to wipe it off first then put it back inside me. Peter went at this with the vigor of a newborn colt trying to stand for the first time. Of course the plug went in fairly easy, so there was no danger of Peter causing me harm. Again with that big grin of Peter's when he was finished.Master approached my head, rising up on the stool exposing his penis for the first time in front of the two boys. He pissed a steady beautiful stream down my throat, not missing his target. When he was finished he just shoved it back in his jeans, without saying a word.Master excused himself briefly and left our space. Trey and Peter made small talk, while Cody and Billy were discussing Billy's new look. Billy was accepting it, but said that it would take a day or two to `sink in'. Billy wondered what his parents were going to say, or do, when they saw their sons tomorrow. Cody assured him that they would understand AND accept their son's new looks. Billy felt a lot better about that after hearing Cody.Master returned and called Cody out into the aisle and then Master came in alone. Master told us that it had been an extremely long day and was sure the ` boys' were exhausted. The slaves had to get the horses bedded down for the night as well. The carts, and `target practice' would have to wait until tomorrow. Master had Billy get down off the barrel and move the both of them back against the wall. Master began removing all of the clothespins from my body, and man did that hurt like hell; but I was slowly learning to `tough' my way through it. Then Master got hold of the control box and began lowering me to the floor, while telling Trey and Peter how to assist Him. Once I was completely flat on the piss soaked floor, Master showed Trey and Peter how to get me unhooked and free from my bonds. Billy stood silently by observing the care they took with a pleasure `boy'. Master had me move off of the damp straw. Billy's eyes bugged out when he saw the proper method of movement for a `boy' . This was the first time, all day, that I had complete control over my neck, bearing the weight of my new collar and let me just say that the darn thing had to weigh more than five pounds. Master had Billy scoop up the damp straw with his hands and put it out front in the wheelbarrow. Trey sweet angel preteen brought in a fresh bale and both he and Peter spread it around.Cody returned carrying a large wooden tray. On the tray were four stainless steel bowls. Two x preteen galleries bowls of food, two shameless nylon preteens bowls of water. Billy looked in awe at the bowls, not knowing what they lesbian preteen movies were for. Trey smiled at Peter, but Peter, too, was clueless. Master said that Billy and I would be spending the night here, in the stables, like the other `boys'; while they slept up at the main house. Tears appeared on both Peter and Billy. This would be the first time that they had not slept in the same room, their whole lives. Master allowed Peter and Billy a couple of minutes to say their goodnights, while Master had the others pull the remaining side closed. Master called to Peter to get a move on, just as Cody was sliding the main door to our stall shut. With me in my proper position, Billy assumed a like posture just as Master was locking the door and walls closed. "Both of you `boys' may speak tonight" Master said. He said not another word as he walked away. `LIGHTS OUT IN TWENTY MINUTES' boomed a voice over the pa system.I'm so hungry I could eat a cow, I said to Billy. I moved `properly' over to my bowls and looked to see if Billy would follow suite. He sure did. He watched me bury my face in my food and eat non-stop, even licking my bowl clean; before I consumed my water. When I was finished I looked, and there was Billy trying to eat his meal. The notice was given that we had ten minutes till lights out. I moved to the center of our stall and lay on my back just staring at the ceiling. Billy lay next to me, our bodies touching. He turned on his side preteen pedo boy facing me, just as the lights went out. He now began firing questions to me like a runaway machine gun. He asked about my spiked cinch ring, my sac collar, and the other cuffs including my neck collar. I tried my best to answer all his questions but I think I fell to sleep just about the time he was asking about my plumbing. My mind and body lay motionless on the straw bed. I knew I was safe. I knew that Billy was safe. Where in my life of wants, needs, desires did I ever think, did I ever feel, that I needed to be `best bud' with such a young man. I give up, for now... Sleep outweighs the thought process. End of Chapter 20 if you would like to read other stories by the SanibelBoys go to Just be sure that little xxx preteens your profile shows your 'adult' age thanks, marcus, trey and billy
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